Burberry’s Mod Conglomeration

An anticipated brand to debut a collection every time London Fashion Week approaches, Burberry Prorsum, is a massive Brit powerhouse. Granted for the fact that their outerwear are timeless wonders infused with trendy attributes. Furthermore, personally, Burberry Prorsum has a special place in my heart since they are one of my five favorite brands of all time. I was highly anticipating yesterday at 4:00 p.m. GMT for the live-streaming of their new Autumn 2011 collection, because I knew it was going to be surreal! However, contrary to anticipating feelings, I was a bit disappointed. Burberry produced a collection not up to their level, but on a level they surpassed seasons ago.

Burberry Prorsum’s Autumn 2011 consisted of garments resembling modish structure of the 60s’ time period and featured tons of plaid. (Incessantly adding on to their dreadful plaid signature, but on a larger scale.) We saw over-sized, bell-shaped sleeves that were attached to structures that were considerably rather cropped. We also enjoyed amazingly made fur and an eye-catching, bright color palette. In a way the presentation was also quite inspiring with white, large caps on models’ heads. It was an intelligent way to masterfully connect the large collection. However, in brief, the collection disappointed majorly.

Overall, Burberry produced a collection lacking their definite young energy and spark. It was boring–not to be rude–I wanted an idea so exciting like the Fall 2010 or Spring 2010 collections. (Remember those draped and ruched skirts? I also adored those aviation-inspired outerwear from last Autumn season.) Not that the Autumn 2011 wasn’t terrible(actually it was excellent), however, Burberry is great for what they were, and this collection did not exemplify that by any means.

Star: 5/5


See The Collection @ Style.com

2 Responses to “Burberry’s Mod Conglomeration”
  1. From trenches to military and pea coats as well as those with fur edging outer wear was big for Bailey this season as he effectively created a collection that could adapt to all weather conditions.

  2. Yours id the first bad review I’ve read but I find your point about it being a bit of a boring collection really interesting. I have yet to have a look but I will bear your review in mind when I do! Great to see someone saying something different for a change rather than just “I love Burberry” etc!

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