Gucci’s Ever-Irresistable Autumn 2011

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Frida Giannini, the Gucci genius for a significant period of time, has shown her capability to master glamor, sexiness, and sophistication in a mixture to compliment today’s modern woman. Glamor is usually defined in her collections with grand, attractive silhouettes. Whereas sexiness is portrayed in intelligently structured garments to reveal the slightest, but sexiest part of the skin. Subsequently, sophistication follows in synchronization with all of the previous elements with garments that glue the two–more synonymous with wild–attributes into a practical every day look.

On this occasion, all elements were successfully portrayed in the Gucci 90th anniversary fashion show. In such magnanimosity of the  terms of the show–it is Gucci’s 90th anniversary–the collection debuted lived up to the endearing legacy. In its entirety, Giannini obviously decided to create a collection upholding roots from the 1970s’–sadly! However, the dramatic fur coats, feathered fedoras, capes, blouses, pants, and dresses were still set apart from other collections of the season. Evidently, skewing away from the repeated bohemian, “hippie” component of the 1970s’, Giannini saw to it that another aspect of the 70s’ was–yet again–revived. In this case, it related to the more urban style of the time period. The collection also dipped into levels of androgyny, ever so slightly. The hats, pants, and even some of the crushed velvet jackets were similar to menswear styles in the 1970s’. Furthermore, pastel colors–mostly of gorgeous, rich blues–added the sultry sophistication to garments that could have easily been made into train-wrecks.

It was inspiring, engaging, incredibly sexy(Did I mention the tremendous leg-cleavage?), and altogether a beautiful collection! Well done, and have a Happy 90th Anniversary!

Stars: 5/5

2 Responses to “Gucci’s Ever-Irresistable Autumn 2011”
  1. Great review – I completely agree that it is a fantastic collection! You’re right that the key word here is glamour – the furs and the hats are irresistible! Added you on my blogroll today, and I recommend using Bloglovin’ so people can follow your blog easily. I am a wordpress subscriber but their subscription system isn’t very well thought out and so sometimes I forget that I am subscribed to so many blogs on here! Keep up the good work.

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