Reviews Get Negative on Blumarine


Photo: Marcus Tondo /

Blumarine Autumn/Winter 2010


From Milan, Blumarine debuted a collection rather mute–in color and silhouette– compared to their past collections of animal print, and maximum attitude. In fact, the fashion elite was so shocked from the sudden style change from Anna Molinari, that negative runway reviews were spilling everywhere. While some editors and bloggers wanted to remain neutral, the overall mass opinion was very different from past noted collections.’s Nicole Phelps noted an editor criticizing, “Bring back the leopard prints.”

Contrary to popular belief, I thought Molinari’s collection was not a terrible train-wreck. However, it was notably afflicting. From formally debuting a collection enriched with exciting, bold animal prints and a massive amount of audaciousness; we were immediately transferred to a rather minimalist, bland collection. Of course the collection was shock-worthy–rather negatively.

Evidently, the collection was mostly composed of a various array of colors, compared to the many–not really– silhouettes and structures given. Trust me, it was absolutely bizarre! How can Blumarine–a former favorite of mine–send models down the runway in almost the exact same garments with the exception of different color and material? This collection, had become the epitome of–I apologize Ms. Molinari–stupidity.   After all, we’ve all seen worse, and it really wasn’t stupidity, but a wrong move for the brand. In any case, the ribbed turtle-necks and smartly structured skirts were engaging. Plus, the lace garments were incredibly sexy. Whereas the overall intake was obviously a shock, an utter cry  of shock! To say the least, the collection was boring.

Thus a terrible ending to Blumarine’s 2011 fashion year– at least not at all that terrible.

Stars: 2/5


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