Texture & Color Makes Fendi’s Best

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com

Silvia Venturini Fendi, and co-producer, Karl Lagerfield were the masterminds behind a long, awaited revival of Fendi’s glory. On the contrary, Fendi hasn’t technically lost their glory–per se–, however, they’ve somewhat lost the Italian, cool-spunk energy that everyone once loved–similar to the current gradual downfall of Burberry.  Nevertheless, Fendi generated a collection of Autumn/Winter 2011 that miraculously focused on various textures, and eye-catching color leaving Style.com’s Tom Blanks saying, “this was one of Fendi’s strongest showings yet…”

Focused on texture and rich, sultry colors, Fendi’s collection strikingly pulled garments into a one-of-a-kind Italian edge. In fact, the opening look of a mostly brown jacket–slightly, but stylishly wrinkled–a chic pair of orange knitted hosiery, blue dress and bag peeking through, and yellow Mary-Jane pumps completing the look, strictly called to the reappearing theme. Furthermore, color was represented in bright color choices across the color-wheel. There were dark–almost brown–burnt oranges to the deepest, desired navy blues. Pops of color were intelligently arranged in color blocks, stripes, and sometimes the whole garment itself. Undeniably, however, you weren’t left with the impression that various colors were thrown at you for no apparent dutiful purpose. The masterful effect of using various color without confusion–I believe–added to the shock-factor to Fendi’s collection. Moreover, texture was represented in slightly wrinkled garments–absolutely chic in a mind-boggling way–many knits, tweeds, slick leather,  and–my favorite–lovely fur. I absolutely loved that in one moment I saw a starched, more rough look, because of  knits and tweed; then the next look was a beautifully planned slick look made up of shiny leather. It was so tastefully contrasting! Altogether, the collection was a  mix of color, and contradicting slick to rough textural appearances.

As a result, I found the collection to be absolutely lovable, fresh, and new! It’s not everyday that you see a somewhat an original idea cast before you. The collection also started to bend at the ever-strict fashion ruling. A slight wrinkle in some of the garments was proof of this.

Stars: 4.5/5


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