Dries Van Noten: Cute But Not Cute Enough

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Dries Van Noten, a Belgian fashion designer–also known for not using advertisement– has created a brand based on “loud” luxury. Evidently, he bases his garments on unique fabric, prints, and eye-catching color. (Of course, seasonally he dulls certain palettes compared to others.) Nevertheless, his unique, different behavior of going about his significant success landed him a secured position in the forefront of the industry. Moreover, relentless of his significant popularity and the moments of being the lowest of all, one must agree Dries Van Noten is an inspiring soul.

The Dries Van Noten collection of Autumn/Winter 2011 consisted of many known Noten elements. In any case, the collection was a predictable mixture of what Noten generates every season. The clashing prints, over-sized, larger silhouette, and–of course–the same energy. In previous years these key elements of his style would work for his merit. However–despite his fan-favorite Autumn/Winter 2010 collection–the production is lacking stamina. It’s becoming helpless, no matter how engaging one piece might be to the other. (Karl Lagerfield knows how to keep signature Chanel style with awing, modern pieces!) Dries Van Noten was–yet again–secluded into his own extravagant world.

Furthermore, the Autumn/Winter collection–if you really needed a description– was a rich, luxurious arrangement of Noten style. There was a section that–I liked–had a triangular print theme. In addition, loose, baggier pants and rich fabrics were used to add a sense of indulgement. One thing that must be admired from Noten is his ability to take wild features and turn them into something so sophisticated. It’s mere talent! Whereas talent needs to be used and not lay dormant. What is the use of having a wonderful mind full of enriching ideas not being used appropriately?

Really–I’ve said it a billion times, but this collection deserves it! Say it with me: B-O-R-I-N-G!

Stars: 1/5  😦


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