Lady Gaga Models Mugler’s Sci-Fi Thriller

Photo: Filippo Fior /

Nicola Formichetti revealed Mugler’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection–and let me say, it was a huge surprise. One of the most memorable moments of the show was to see Lady Gaga–pop star and known fan of Mugler–model along the runway twice. It was unquestionably the most prominent moments of the show–despite the humongous theatrics.

Furthermore, I believe the Lady Gaga appearances even skewed attention away from the actuality of why fashion buyers, editors, and the fashion elite came to the showing. In fact, the show became more of a Lady Gaga event rather than about the garments themselves. In essence, she entirely stole the event away to focus on her.

Whereas, Formichetti might be the mastermind of the outcome of the show; was this the PR intended to raise popularity? In whichever purpose the revealing of the collection was to serve, it will be one of the most memorable.

Equally important–but shown on the contrary on Mugler’s runway–the garments were proven to be…interesting. (Do you sense hesitance?) In all honesty, the mass amounts of sheer–almost sci-fi inspired–pieces were not pleasant to my taste. (However, those would seemingly fit Gaga rightfully.) I thought that in its entirety, the collection was the most provocative, almost the most eccentric that has ever been seen. Perhaps it was the black lace body-suit(The lace would’ve easily been mistaken for lingerie.)or, the mostly sheer garments with opaque cut-outs to cover the bosom. I heavily disliked the entire collection with the exception of a gorgeous blue, leather jacket trimmed with blue fur at the collar. Moreover, the blue leather pants tickled my fancy as well. Plus, I wasn’t totally appalled with a sheer, electric blue dress. Overall–personally–I didn’t find the Mugler Autumn/Winter 2011 collection to be a favorite.

It was ultimately most shock-worthy! However, it came off to be a showing of Lady Gaga’s closet. Love it or absolutely hate it, you have to admit it was hot.
Stars: 2/5


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