John Galliano’s Last Collection With Dior is Pure Excellence

Yannis Vlamos /

John Galliano–former designer of Dior–has created a farewell collection to Dior’s runway. His dismissal was talked of before the show. In fact, the showing was a saddening event. Despite his dishonorable leave–caught on video saying anti-Semitic remarks–the fashion elite, indeed everyone felt the melancholic  leaving of a creative genius.

Furthermore, Galliano’s last collection with Dior was an applauder. It was an incessant reel of originality–one of Galliano’s finest traits–plus an enriching moment of feminine beauty. One could see such a collection, in addition to a rather trying moment in the industry’s history, and follow thus a relevant title of the NYTimes for the showing, “Tears and Applause at Dior”. There were references to theater with gorgeous, dramatic capes. In fact, I felt as if fables and fairy-tales came to life such as a mature “Red Riding Hood” or characters of “Peter Pan”. (Maybe even pirates gracing across the runway could fit the theme.)  All of these seemingly childish attributes were turned into mature, romanticized garments. The contradicting emotions striking within, in addition to masterful pieces would make Galliano’s collection most memorable.

Moreover, each individual garment was note-worthy! In any case, the Dior collection would follow suit in a fashion buyer’s heart. Military styled jackets, sheer signature Dior dresses, and mind-boggling fur were all so lovely. It was très magnifique! In all actuality, I found the sheer gowns to be the best part of the entire collection. Images of a damsel in distress held captive, and then rescued by her love dressed in extravagant furs and capes filled my mind. In addition to my obvious indulgence in the collection, I was yet again reminded that I absolutely admired the ability that Galliano possesses. All the pieces–the imagery– sent me off into another lovely world.

It will arguably be the most surreal, best moments of fashion history. Christian Dior of Autumn/Winter 2011 really is making me think… is everything better in Paris?

Stars: 5/5


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