The 1940s’ Are Revisited With Nina Ricci

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

The 1940s’ was a classic reforming period for womenswear–even the world. During the time period, WWII was in full swing half of the decade; and the other half was used to recuperate and refine. In essence, the fashion at the moment was a reflection of the world. (Hence, a quote I believe stands firm: fashion is a reflection of life itself.) In fact, women’s roles were changing. From working in their homes as caretakers and housewives, women went to work–seemingly flooding on “men’s work”. In any case, fabric was also conserved leaving for simpler silhouettes and practicality. Consequently, the 1940s’ served its purpose as a redefining moment of women’s attire.

Furthermore, the Nina Ricci collection of Autumn/Winter 2011 will be remembered as to capturing the groundbreaking time period. Nina Ricci’s Peter Copping created a collection harnessing a more luxurious version of what womenswear in the 1940s’ contained. Once in a while, however, he modernized the inspiration handing fragments of current trends and garments in the collection.

Moreover, Copping constructed garments that held sophisticated demeanor along with simplicity–both attributes of the 1940s’. Simple mid-length skirts, tasteful, minimalistic constructed tops, and some of the most gorgeous printed satin gowns endowed pure elegance. How I loved the mid-length satin dresses that seemed to be wrinkled to add lovely texture! It was an unconventional tale told of the 1940s’ compared to Dior’s depiction in Spring 2011.

In its entirety, the Nina Ricci collection will most likely prove to be somewhat successful in months ahead. No, it wasn’t groundbreaking; and no, it probably won’t be as memorable as other collections. However, it was likable–just that! Nothing terrible said, however, nothing extremely positive was said either. The Nina Ricci collection of Autumn/Winter 2011 was just…there.

Stars: 2.5/5


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