Chanel is Its Usual New Grunge Self

When Paris Fashion Week begins, there are surroundings of amazing energy. Usually street style is–perhaps–the most interesting or stylish, fashion power-houses and designers create the most notable collections, and…it’s Paris. (Who needs a better explanation than that?) Whereas out of all the glory that comes with Paris, a fashion capital of the world, those who debut their collection are placed on a platform along the industry greats. In fact, the Chanel brand would be one to credit significant success. The groundbreaking founder, signature tweeds, and one of the brands who have redefined womenswear, Chanel is the house of Paris.

In Paris today, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfield masterfully updated the iconic brand for another season. The iconic presentation such as the foggy forest backdrop, was an addition to the dark, more grunge side of Chanel. Nevertheless, the signature lady-like garments of Chanel still made their appearances. It was one of the best executed contrasts we’ve seen all season–compared to the trending androgyny. Appearances of jumpsuits created with a more militarized, “cargo” inspiration perused the last of the runway. However, the playing contrast arose in subtle, Chanel-like touches. In addition to amazingly constructed jumpsuits, we were also shown inspiring shift dresses. It was another recycled version of Chanel’s prestigious history.

Yet there wasn’t much to describe. Chanel’s collection was the  expected, but amazingly made new grunge stuff. It tended to bore me at moments, however, I won’t mistake the attitude for excellence.

I honestly feel like a blasphemer talking against one of the best; but I just can’t tell a lie!


See the collection @!


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