YSL Earns Major Praise This Season

Credit: Elle

Credit: Elle

Yves Saint Laurent’s Stefano Pilati has recently been the name for disgraced rumor. The mill has been churning of his leaving of YSL–yet it was speculation, not truth. (Could it be the same for Elbaz and Tisci?) However, Pilati’s most recent collection with YSL will most definitely secure his spot as head designer. So many critics believe this is true, especially All The Rage–fashion blog specializing in runway critique.

Dogged by rumors for months now that he is on his way out at Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati showed a stellar fall collection that should quiet the naysayers — at least for now.

A reasonable annotation of the excellence of YSL’s Autumn 2011 collection. However, from one who doesn’t risk believing pesky rumors, a more legitimate “Yes, it was gorgeous!” response would be more appreciated.

In brief, the collection was indeed a lovely one. It seemed to play on 60s’ structure–yet infused with an incredibly modern sexy. Of course, we were enlightened–sense sarcasm–with a brief addition of sheer embellishment–a trend perusing the runways. (Total originality isn’t a problem, right?) However, in all slight disappointment I grew to love the simplicity of the garments. The collection reminded me of a more glamorous Stella McCartney or Chloe. In essence, most of the silhouettes were similar, but YSL took the contemporary solidity and masterfully endowed signature YSL glamor to it. Moreover, the collection redefined the Yves Saint Laurent brand’s legacy; it was–simply put–chic.

It wasn’t a pity, whereas it wasn’t a favorite from all the great collections from YSL. I tended to admire Spring’s collection more. However, in its entirety it will prove to take on massive success.

Stars: 4.5/5




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