Lanvin’s Cocktail Attire Will Be A Girl’s Best Friend

Credit: poshglam

Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz–the rumored designer to succeed the Dior throne–has yet again created a collection full of pretty, tasteful little frocks. In fact, most of the Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2011 collection were dresses, leaving one runway look featuring pants–sheer lace ones at that. However, despite the lack of garment-type variety, each individual piece was especially unique. Indeed, we were granted with some of the best cocktail attire seen all throughout the Fashion Month. (That statement always excludes Erdem.) I’ve never seen in all my short, young life something made of pure–yet simple silhouettes that conveyed the little, sophisticated girl inside of a full-grown woman. (Usually you see a sophisticated, simplistic version for the older woman.) To me, it told a story of a woman bound by caging “rules” to end at a pleasant, colorful, almost unconventional–of course–tasteful place.

Moreover, Elbaz captivated many with my interpretation of the Lanvin life-span. In essence, he began the collection in solemn, structural, and minimalist outerwear, skirts, and the adorning handbag. All was in black, embellished with a statement pendant or zipper arrangement. Whereas by the fourth or third runway look we were introduced to the more relaxed version of the development towards the colorful sophisticate. The next three or four looks were still in black, however a bit younger with strapless, off-the-shoulder dresses and–maybe a dip into cleavage here and there perhaps. Yet in a way it was still apprehensive and conservative in  a way. Subsequently, the next three to five looks were slightly brighter in a red, beige, and browns. Nevertheless, a caged woman perused the runways in–still structural, minimalistic array of garments. (I loved a special cape in the section!) Then came the enormous transitional section! How I loved this section! One-shoulder numbers, sleek leather ensembles, sexy lace, and an array of dramatic, structural garments filled the runway. Flower prints with a polka-dotted dress following suit ended the beloved section. Hence, the newly birthed Lanvin woman! Represented in colorful, bright colors, the last segment was incredibly flamboyant. Dramatic draping, a few ruffles following suit ended it all in a whimsical manner. In brief, the Lanvin collection symbolized the newly made Lanvin woman.

As a result, critics are swooning; and buyers are thrusting. I loved every moment of it!

Stars: 5/5


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