Marc Jacobs is Shockingly Not A Favorite


With a tone set in the 1940s’, Marc Jacobs didn’t follow the obvious path expected when exploring the decade. (A notable yet faltering attribute of Jacobs.) From one who finds Marc Jacobs to not be a favorite of the many designers who hold prestige in the industry, the review might be tainted from my mere detestation I have towards his style. (Not that his style is all too terrible–in a nicer manner–it’s not mine.) Nevertheless, the Marc Jacobs collection of Autumn/Winter 2011 would be agreed upon to be one of the most controversial. Some of the industry enjoyed the fun polka dots and suede numbers. However, on the contrary, a mass of the industry could have found the sequin skirts to lack tastefulness, as well as the silly little garments that perused Marc Jacobs’s runway. Besides, some of the greatest collections keep the people torn–yet this collection just will have to be an exception.

Evidently, the collection consisted mostly of a 40s’ theme in garment structure and silhouette; whereas the fabric uses and embellishments were far from it. We were mostly exposed to playful garments of polka dotted fabric, contrasting against the older–almost tasteless constructed garments. Once in a while, I was granted with a lovely tickling of the fancy. Sigrid Agren sporting a blue military jacket look was one of those brief moments. As well as the blue polka dotted look that followed shortly afterward. (The pants might have resembled pajamas, but they were–I must admit irresistible.) Thus another puzzling Jacobs collection. (Don’t get me wrong, Jacobs’s creations for Louis Vuitton are magical treasures.)

As a result of the collection, I have more ammunition to fuel my never-ending dislike of this “wonder” people seem to love. However, a more neutral quote from The Cut–runway analysis site– will most likely tie ends with everyone.

… you walk away not knowing exactly what you think — is this pretty ugly, or jolie laide?


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