Marchesa Personifies Miss Havisham


Credit: popbee

Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig–masterminds behind Marchesa–will always have a reason to celebrate after a showcasing. Their ingenious ability to create gorgeous fantasies, untapped glamor, and an odd–but terribly lovely way of going about sex-appeal always bring them uncanny success. The elaborate designs and creativity have proven to also capture the hearts of celebrities. Undoubtedly there will always be a Marchesa gown at some of the biggest red carpet events. In fact, the recent Marchesa collection for autumn will–I guarantee it–find a place on a celebrity at our next most-watched red carpet event.


After all, the Marchesa Autumn/Winter 2011 collection undoubtedly contained some of the most lovely garments to see. Inspired by Miss Havisham, AP News notes, “…The designers of Marchesa have given an exquisite makeover to Miss Havisham. Bring on the suitors!” It was an “exquisite” version of Charles Dickens’s troubled character from Great Expectations. Victorian-like gowns perused the short collection. Yet in a quirky, captivating way, a notable amount of the gowns were frayed or deconstructed–maybe to go along with Miss Havisham’s underlying theme in the novel. All of it was so magical! (How I loved the elaborate strapless gown of tulle embellished with metallic at the top!)

Therefore, Marchesa will be reserved in the minds of many when thought of the past New York Fashion Week–maybe even the whole Fashion Month.

Stars: 3.5/5

One Response to “Marchesa Personifies Miss Havisham”
  1. Stacia says:

    I appreciate your insights into the fashion world of Marchesa! Keep up the good work.

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