Prints of The Future By Basso & Brooke

Photo: Marcus Tondo /

Christopher Brooke and Bruno Basso–minds behind London’s Basso & Brooke–have always been a printing duo. Their signature, unique way of allowing their manipulated fabric take front stage, will always accommodate them to some of their worst and best showings. As I have noted in past times, they are a bit unorthodox. Evidently, causing the fashion elite to not so quickly follow their presence–however, when they catch on it sparks fire. I happen to like Basso & Brooke–not in the loving phase yet–but they counteract the expected and place works different from what everyone else in the industry approves. As a result, Brooke and Basso are also treading on unstable grounds in the minds of others; soon, some day I think someone will wake up.

On this occasion, the Basso & Brooke autumn collection wasn’t–in its entirety–an awing, plausible collection. Nevertheless, it wasn’t terrible either. One could put it in words such as these, “It was okay–a little enlightening, but just fine.” The digital prints debuted in this recent collection was said to be not as audacious as usual. described the collection as, “By virtue of the baseline maximalist nature of their digital prints, you’d never classify Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke’s work as minimal. But today’s collection had a real kind of serenity.” Accurate, considering the fact that autumn’s collection of 2010 consisted of prints pertaining to all ends of the universe. In that sense, garment structure and shapes were simpler and added that hint of minimalism to the “loud” prints. However, the prints were everything, but “quiet”. In fact, the colorful, gorgeous digital prints related to nature. Once in a while the prints struck the viewers as camouflage. felt this strongly put, reviewing that the prints were, “…inspired by camouflage.” Thus another likable Basso & Brooke collection for autumn–undeniably caused by the signature prints.

Accordingly, I predict a smooth sailing autumn season for Basso & Brooke. A, who could resist the coat shown above; and B, it was one of those refreshing moments.

Stars: 3/5


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