Louis Vuitton’s Hotel Gets Raving Reviews

Louis Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs has created yet another craved collection, with reviews raving of praise. In fact, Elle says Jacobs created, “A phenomenal collection.” Indeed, another accurate annotation since the sexy–maybe even considerably racy collection contained massive amounts of imagery. It brought upon the audience story-telling with an entire different medium of use–clothing. Besides, the “hotel” theme that created the array of characters–feigning for the wealthy man acquiring a stay at their hotel. Jacobs calls it, “[A]ballet between call girls, mistresses and wives.” It was a scandalous spectacle, but–oh–terribly compelling.

The showing starts off to what AFP calls, “To the sound of elevators arriving, uniformed bellboys opened wrought-iron doors for models stepping out in tongue-and-cheek outfits inspired by, among other things, porn films from the 1940s.” (Which in this case the inspiration explains the risquè nature.) Sheer skirts, pants, and tops filled the first section–pushing the sexy nature. However, when watching the midsection of the showing you are hit with more conservative wear. It was pretty evident Jacobs wanted to play with the womanly figure using corsets and creating large amounts of cinched waists. Whereas, despite the amazing entire collection I found only one to put the icing on the cake.  In any case, the “maid” section ending with Kate Moss–cigarette in-hand–would be the most provoking. The Cut humorously puts it saying, “If Fashion Week were a movie, you would scream ‘No way!’ at Marc Jacobs’s ending.”

As a result, Marc Jacobs has given us another reason to love his association with Louis Vuitton. It was almost not comprehensible, because it was pure genius–might I add sexy. Summing up Fashion Week, Jacobs leaves us in awe.

Stars: 5/5


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