Top Five Collections of Fall 2011–Yes, I’ve Narrowed It Down

Dear Beloved Readers,

It was a challenging task to tackle–to even envision to accomplish, however, the deed has been done. In fact, after analyzing all autumn/winter collections debuted for the 2011 season, I grew to a consensus of the five collections that rose to my–and possibly everyone’s liking. After all, the teams or individual designers that thoughtfully created their garments–ones that were honored a placement on my list–produced collections reeling of what fashion reveals in all of us–our in-depth fantasies.

I know I will accomplish the following while revealing my individual thoughts of the past Fashion Month:

  • I will disappoint many with lacking to put a collection on the list. In fact, some may come to hate and despise my list for the sake of believing I’ve gotten it all wrong.
  • My thoughts will be approved by many. I hope to believe that my loyal followers will grant me with lovely thoughts. Indeed, agreement would be in its preferred state.
  • I will change my mind in the far future of the collections placed on the list. Later, as I grow in my fashion identity and reveal the undiscovered portions of my style, I know I will grow to hate this list.

I truly believe I’ve picked the best., Vogue, and many others are also great sources to enlighten yourself of the best from the runway. Nevertheless, commercialism lies deep within these sources–could their fashion reports be as pure as they seem?

Whether you agree or disagree, you must admit, I’ve rocked your world with this list.


Brooklyn B.


Top 5 Collections of Autumn/Winter 2011





Designer: Erdem Moralioglu

Where: London

Why: “Evidently, the Erdem’s autumn 2011 collection consisted of an array of garments with simple structure. However, converse to the simplicity to the garment structure, the prints were far from exhibiting simplicity. Moralioglu’s “paint” was mixed, splattered, and arranged in masterful ways. Despite the fact that some of the prints seemingly brought upon the image of dirty paint water, it proved to enhance the grunge look Erdem was pushing this season. Of all the techniques he used, I absolutely loved his tweed work. Seemingly–from the top a tweed garment was present, but then as you work your eyes down to the end of the garment, the tweed becomes deconstructed on a black “canvas”. It was very impressive to see–to even envision how an idea could be conceived in one’s mind.”

Mademoiselle Très Belle





Photo: Yannis Vlamos /


Designer: Alber Elbaz

Where: Paris

Why: “Moreover, Elbaz captivated many with my interpretation of the Lanvin life-span…Hence, the newly birthed Lanvin woman! Represented in colorful, bright colors, the last segment was incredibly flamboyant. Dramatic draping, a few ruffles following suit ended it all in a whimsical manner.”

Mademoiselle Très Belle





Acquired from


Designer: Frida Giannini

Where: Milan

Why: It was inspiring, engaging, incredibly sexy(Did I mention the tremendous leg-cleavage?), and altogether a beautiful collection! Well done, and have a Happy 90th Anniversary!”

Mademoiselle Très Belle





Photo: Monica Feudi /



Designer: Miuccia Prada

Where: Milan

Why: “A footnote: At Prada there is always at least one element that doesn’t quite gel. Here, it was the way the models clutched their bags tightly to their chests. Ladylike might be one interpretation. Shields could be another. That’s food for thought for the next collection.”



Christian Dior


Yannis Vlamos /



Designer: John Galliano

Where: Paris

Why: “In addition to my obvious indulgence in the collection, I was yet again reminded that I absolutely admired the ability that Galliano possesses. All the pieces–the imagery– sent me off into another lovely world… It will arguably be the most surreal, best moments of fashion history.”

Mademoiselle Très Belle



2 Responses to “Top Five Collections of Fall 2011–Yes, I’ve Narrowed It Down”
  1. Love this – Lanvin was our biggest go to for the season ahead . . .


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