Wintour On McQueen: “He didn’t give a flying ‘whatever’ about American Vogue”

A little over a month ago, icons of the industry such as Kate Moss and Anna Wintour congregated in London to celebrate a deceased artist’s legacy–Alexander McQueen, that is. Therefore, black was worn among the many guests–rather stylishly.In any case, black could be a great descriptor of the somber, grave event. However, one too many negative comments from the influential could strike even more negative energy–especially when arousing the matter of one’s death and legacy. A prime example: Anna Wintour and her slighted bashing of the ingenuity of the designer.
“He didn’t give a flying ‘whatever’ about American Vogue[…]Alexander would infuriate me every year before the Costume Institute Gala.”

Of course Wintour didn’t use her totalitarian power over the industry to continue with some eye-raising comments; she followed suit with touching words–but please beloved editor, be a little more cordial than that!
I found the tribute to be well executed–except for the fact that the event was more of showing of the industry’s strongest in power, or maybe even celebrity status. However, it touched my heart to know that so many saw McQueen’s unique ability to contort fabric and create gorgeous garments.

Photo Credit: PA

One Response to “Wintour On McQueen: “He didn’t give a flying ‘whatever’ about American Vogue””
  1. WOW! even in death people cannot help themselves. McQueen was an artist of design, and whatever his choice in terms of Vogue, it was his to make, and he always stayed true to his craft, and was incredible at what he did. RIP

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