Commoners Pretend To Love…

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Ideally I hate to strike upon all of us–even our fashion elite “superiors” marks of cynical ideas, but would it be a challenge to even reveal buried dislike for the hierarchy of the fashion industry on which it operates? Yes, I have this lust to retrieve the incredible sense of power and prestige–to belong in an industry revered, but enviously hated by others. Yes, I believe an old proverb stating, “Man judges by the outer appearance.” Yes, I’m contradicting my prior statement! However, for people aspiring to join the fashion elite in the future, studying their–excuse my vulgarity–asses off, learning the ins and outs of the industry are constantly banished to their corner. In fact, people with the utter potential–people who are the future designers, editors, stylists, etc. of the next generation are treated like subordinates to actresses, musicians, and people unknowing of what the fashion industry means–or what it does. (It absolutely aggravated me when Willow Smith was seen front row at Armani.) Again, we “commoners” are reminded of our temporal statuses as “nobodies” on nights of events such as the Met Gala–by golly tasteless celebrities in Pucci get more publicity than Karl Lagerfield on!

Honestly, all of us would agree on the fact that we deserve and demand respect from our fellow industry peers–no matter how many times the elite wishes to discourage our equality within the industry. We are equally capable and stylish, for that matter. In fact, our lives–in its idiosyncratic way has shaped the industry, relentless of who is editor-in-chief of Vogue or if Alexander McQueen is still alive (RIP).

You know what I hate the most? The hypocrisy that lives among us “commoners”. In fact, we smile, compliment an outfit, fulfill our little agendas–however at the same time we are losing our grit and sparkle. What would the world be if everyone said that Breakfast At Tiffany’s has always been their inspiration or if Alexander McQueen (RIP) has always been their favorite? (Don’t lie, we know some of you guys despised him previously.) Then reality hits us. Boom! That explains why we’ve never recruited models worthy of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss status in years, Alexander McQueen is a symbol of lost individuality, and bloggers like Tavi Gevinson–who really doesn’t need a magazine gets one.

It makes me just want to say forget this shit! Fuck all of this! Oh! Wait I can’t, because I’ve fallen way to deep into this fashion thing. I’m entirely in love with it–infatuated! What’s worse? It makes me sick to admit it–and I really shouldn’t have to feel this way. 

One Response to “Commoners Pretend To Love…”
  1. afroblush says:

    I do agree with this, I wish we knew more about the stylists themselves, and mainstream media did more to promote upcoming designers and even fashion bloggers (such as ourselves *cough *cough)

    Maybe people are interested in the art but not the artist. But then again, I don’t think so, I get excited to read about artists and designers, who they are as people, what they are all about. As much as I like to know what they produce for singers and actresses. I want to know what they wear on a saturday night out for a dinner party etc.

    I think youve made a really good point here! :- )

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