Resort 2012: Rachel Zoe Duplicates A Gucci Piece Or Is It A Major Concidence

Essentially, Rachel Zoe was going to reap a rather positive review from me. I’ve been a loyal fan to her “ditzy” antics, amazing Bohemian-glamor infused style, her entrepreneurial spirit, and, very bluntly speaking, her reality television show, The Rachel Zoe Project, is enjoyable to watch. Initially I ignored allegations against her recent autumn 2011 collection — debuted early due to her pregnancy. One most prominent was spoken from Teen Vogue‘s Jane Keltner who brought to others’ attention the strong similarity to an embellished shift dress seen in a Teen Vogue shoot in which Rachel Zoe was featured, and a shift dress in Rachel Zoe’s autumn 2011 collection. No, I never denied the almost identical looks of the dresses, but I loyally followed Zoe. There is always some negative press when you start off fresh, eh? Consequently, based off of Zoe’s recent success of her last collection it would be inevitable she would proudly release a Resort collection — and with that the rest is now history. I concluded with this statement pertaining to Rachel Zoe: She might not be able to help it, however,  if copyright infringement could convict fashion designers [on behalf of clothing] she would have been an easy case for any lawyer. There has been too many coincidences for a very good review!

Only one instance confirmed — for me the possible and intentional duplicating of various pieces. In fact, the similarity came across when looking at Rachel Zoe’s blue maxi-dress showing a great amount of leg cleavage. (Indeed, leg cleavage was strongly strewn throughout the collection.) Please ignore my arrogance, but coming from a mind doused in the fashion industry one could not pass a silly stint on me. Gucci! Gucci! Gucci! Yes, Gucci rang in my ears! In fact, the exact image shown above of Joan Smalls was stained across my eyes! Who could ever overlook a strong similarity? Obviously, at that moment I became hurt and betrayed; Zoe could no longer carry my support.

Following Zoe’s significant fall in my eyes, I encountered a collection worthy of at least some praise. A heavy 70’s influence perused the collection along with signature Rachel Zoe style. Indeed, I enjoyed all of her maxi dresses — glamor and sexiness bonded as one when seen right before the eyes. Hence the collection was worthy in that sense.

Accordingly, Rachel Zoe’s collection would always be a mental marker of where her high placing fell to the depths of disaster. I almost came to idolize her — and then, this? What became of her to flash a stint such as this, I will never know. As a result, I’ll try to remember one of her white pant suits to numb the pain.


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