Resort 2012: YSL Continues With the Nautical Trend

Stefano Pilati knows how to make someone’s day, eh? In fact, Pilati can never go wrong when representing one of the industry’s greatest brands ever bestowed upon us.  Think of it; Pilati’s signature style — easily explained in words by‘s Nicole Phelps is perfect for the empire left by the late YSL himself. She says, “[Pilati’s signature style has]oomph and sophistication via puff-sleeved blouses, high-waisted flaring pants, easy dresses with billowing volumes at the back[…]” In all reality, Phelps characterizes Pilati’s style in the simplest, basic, and elementary of all terms, however, Stefano Pilati’s style is almost not capable of being retained in any words of choice. He’s deeper than what Phelps calls “oomph”. 

On this occasion, Pilati bears the Yves Saint Laurent legacy with another worthy collection.  An excellent feminine twist to the ever so popular nautical movement trending among us, was taken to the full extent in the collection. Indeed, the anchors and rope could be one of the many examples pertaining to the nautical theme. However, I found the beauty looks presented with the garments themselves played well with the I’m-so-sailor-like-in-a-cute-girlish-way ensembles. As a result, the show went well with all pieces of the puzzle fitting perfectly together.

Oh! Let me never forget those divine dresses; Lord knows how much I adored those!


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