Lady Gaga Annoys Even More With Silly Antics On CFDA Award Night


Last night some of the crème de la crème of fashion joined together to honor the designers of America. (To see nominations, click here.) Some were newer nominees such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — creators of The Row. However, ones such as Phillip Lim have been nominated before. The night was filled with touching tributes and after-parties of splendor. Nevertheless, one honoree who had shown their lack of tasteful colors in full throttle, brought doom to the night. (My opinion stands firm.) In fact, there is just one thing I want to tell her about last night. Lady Gaga, wear clothes for its intended purpose, and don’t bring up stupid stories about you, your vulgarity, and Anna Wintour. It was really annoying!

Yes, Lady Gaga brought doom to my CFDA night. In any case, her little dress — I’m not sure if you can even call it a real dress, but lingerie gave a view of things that I — and most people did not want to see. Did I mention her studded thong? Plus, her little speech of what Fashionista reports about using vulgarity among Anna Wintour — who would blame her. (The issue wasn’t all a big matter. To see the article click here.) Then, when Gaga was ready to party she wore an obscenely made sheer outfit with only black, round dots covering her nipples! (How classy, dear!) Indeed, it was another stint to steal rightful attention of those who deserved it.

In the end, I would call the night one that would stick out in a positive manner when in the close of the year. However, the thought of Lady Gaga brings demise to the memory. In fact, I’m wondering how she became on honoree for Style Icon of the Year! I can’t even put that in a rightful place; how did she get her own fashion column?


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