Beauty Icon: Florence Welch

British songwriter and singer in Florence + The Machine, Florence Welch, has stylised herself as a beauty and style icon. Beauty — not necessarily for the looks she was born with, but for her crimson styled tresses. However, her famed fashion sense has made her a style icon; her Indie-like elements infused with signature London attributes have made everyone fawning over her. Moreover, Welch becoming Gucci’s newest muse has moved her into a prominent style celebrity. In fact, her unconventionality matched with Gucci’s notable glamor is the perfect contrast. She might be unconventional, but wins hearts!

One Response to “Beauty Icon: Florence Welch”
  1. afroblush says:

    I love Florence & the Machine :- ) she’s gorgeous, if I wasn’t black I would definitely be a red head lol.. nice pics!

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