Resort 2012: Diane von Furstenberg, Joy of The Streets

Photo: Thomas Kletecka / CollectiveEdit / GoRunway

Diane von Furstenberg only inhabits three things: elegance, femininity, and functionality. All in which this case — Resort 2012 — were morphed into a different form. Diane von Furstenberg should obviously gain credit for warping the signature style she usually uses in her garments, however, a very prominent assistant to her — says should be given a tad bit more credit — Yvan Mispelaere. Indeed, the more street-inspired collection should be credited to him. 

 “DVF dubbed the show Wrapsody Rap, and her right-hand man Yvan Mispelaere, who has already injected a fair bit of energy and youth into the label since his arrival, said it had a ‘hip-hop feeling with a romantic edginess.'” –‘s Nicole Phelps

In any case, the title, Mispelaere’s explanation, and a mere look at the collection embodied the look translated on this occasion. DVF graffiti-like prints perused the collection, as well as the exposed black bras — giving an even more sporty, street-like vibe to the runway looks. I even found the whole production to be a cleaner reference to popular sitcom, The Prince of Bel-Air.

Nevertheless, the collection did not lose signature DVF qualities. In all its different forms, elegance, femininity, and functionality were all represented.

It was fun, hip, refreshing — Oh! And it was perfect for the Resort season. In fact, it featured escapism — for the beach — and realism — for the NY streets.


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