Resort 2012: Burberry Prorsum, Chic Yet Entirely Expected

When it comes to reviewing Burberry Prorsum, I usually cringe in fear. In fact, the fear stems from me seeming to be dancing on doses of hypocrisy. Yes, I adored Burberry Prorsum — Christopher Baily would be the cause. In any case, his reviving of such a brand stemming from rich, long heritage amused me. I was undoubtedly a loyal fan; until I reached an epiphany concerning Burberry, I realized that I was in awe of the transformation of the brand — not the beauty in the clothes themselves. From formerly becoming a dutiful supporter of Burberry Prorsum, I soon thereafter began revealing Burberry’s lacking. Which in the interim, comes to show my fear to review Burberry Prorsum.

On this occasion, Burberry Prorsum’s Christopher Baily continued to stay young, fresh, and yet all this matched with sophistication — for his cruise collection. Bright, crisp colors dawning on — perhaps more grown-up shapes. Indeed, I particularly enjoyed the subtle, more ethnic approach to the brand’s signature London elements. However, as always all spunk and energy was left to Baily’s famed commercial approach — more notorious on my behalf. All the commercial attributes of the collection sucked the life out of every last garment. Leaving me all to end a review on a questioning note; could it be that what Baily’s acclaimed works for Burberry is throwing it into the deep, abandoned likes of Coach?


Photo: Courtesy of Burberry Prorsum (Acquired

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