The Runways Newest Phenomenon, Bra-less Behavior

Models strutting bra-less on Blumarine runway.

It’s been a recent runway trend that has everyone bewildered into following it off the runways or keeping fantasies at arms’ length. Indeed, going about bra-less on the runway has been trending wildly. However, one could only question themselves before releasing themselves from the familiar straps that confined them, “Would I look like an idiot with my nipples exposed?”

Many would say, “Yes, of course you would!” — yet with only one exception. In fact, many agree that if you happen to be less voluptuous up top you could actually pull off the trend. In an article about going bra-less on the online NYTimes website, Emily Weiss of revealed, “I tend to go braless and not think twice about it. I’ve always thought that if you have a small chest, like mine, what’s the difference?”

Despite the recent uprising of bra-less models on runways, this issue had pressed issues to women of an earlier time. In Maureen Valdes Marsh’s book, 70’s Fashion Fiascos, she notes that the French created a test to permit bra-less behavior — or to banish it.

“Leave it to the French to devise a test to determine if you could go braless. The test: place a pencil under your bosom. If the pencil fell, you could go braless. If it stayed? Don’t burn your bra; you’re going to need it.” – Maureen Valdes Marsh, 70’s Fashion Fiascos

What do you think? Bra-less behavior permitted or outlawed?


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4 Responses to “The Runways Newest Phenomenon, Bra-less Behavior”
  1. mehranbiz says:

    All female who have beautiful breasts have rights to show our firm fit innocent breasts curves without the help of any artificial or fake thing bra or push up bra, Bra less women and girls look many more attractive natural and beautiful in our natural innocent curves, Bra gives fake artifficial look to breasts

  2. Ambyr says:

    Haha, that was an awesome test to see if you need a bra! I love the image too!

    Thanks for following me. I’ll be back to check out more of your blog.


  3. afroblush says:

    Lol definately outlawed for me, I’m a full E cup so I feel like I would be denied the opportunity to feel the wind between my bossoms! Plus I can see running for the train an issue! I think petite woman can get away with it, and its a fashion trend best suited for the catwalk than high street! Good post, always like posts that make me want to comment lol! What do u think Mademoiselle?

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