Resort 2012: Gucci Plays The Irony Game…

Let’s just say Ms. Giannini, I am very disappointed in you. In fact, I feel the horrid feeling of fury. I once felt the excitement of seeing signature maximum glamor always present when you design for the Gucci house. However, now I sit on heaps of sorrow. This all concerns your recently released resort 2012 collection, and it all brings contradictions into reality — as if I’d ever see the day! Surprisingly, the grand name of Gucci has been matched with the simplicity of minimalism — the irony of it all!

Yes, darling Ms. Giannini your 2012 cruise collection was a big bag of let-downs and minor satisfactions. Let’s start with the good, shall we? First, I must commend you on your clever 60’s mod turnover from the dapper 70’s. Indeed, I happened to enjoy that sense of simplicity, because it gave upon me the shock factor from a hot burn to freezing frost bite. Second, I am also very relieved that you chose to incorporate the jewel tone colors you chose, and the 60-ish prints you decided to fill the midsection of the collection with. While, Emilio Pucci was the designer of the 70’s, I could only think of how you were exercising the inner Pucci in you. Nevertheless, I despised the simple silhouettes you were channeling, and the lack of sexiness that you usually use in full splendor. Plus, the little bronze trims you were so happy to use did nothing to channel familiar Gucci life into the collection. Indeed, the whole collection was a better version of Alberta Ferretti’s fall 2011 collection. (Not much of a compliment, eh?)

I will not deny that many people will, in fact, love your cruise collection — or if it will be featured on many future magazine covers as your spring 2011 collection. However, I’ve personally neglected this collection. Nonetheless, I wish you all the happiness of the world, because spring 2012 your due to come back around!


Photos: Courtesy of Gucci (Acquired

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