Resort 2012: Sonia Rykiel Uses Familiar Parisian Elements With A Hint of Sex-Appeal

Sonia Rykiel, a woman given God-given talent to bestow to all of us some of the most finest Parisian fashion, has created yet another collection capitalizing on what elements that made her famous. Yes, the quite familiar style that she continues to use is under another season of repetition. However — as odd as it seems, yours truly is not disappointed or angry by any means. Indeed, even with the heavy usage of her signature French roots, Rykiel has the talent to reinvent herself — creating a garment reflecting a different side of her style.

On this occasion, Rykiel continued to stay true to herself creating her resort 2012 collection on Parisian elements of the 40’s. In fact, it was fun and carefree as always. Nevertheless, sex was more apparent than usual — referring to her spring 2011 collection. (Sonia Rykiel did nothing to present a fall 2011 collection.) Black dresses, sheer with opaque polka dots — or sensual, light dresses of a pink floral print conveyed the subtle sexiness Rykiel was pulling through this resort season.

Even though this resort collection was smaller than any of her other collections — or if I prefer other collections of hers rather than this one (or if any of these reasons and the fact that she didn’t present a fall 2011 collection might be the cause of heavy financial weights) I still liked the cruise collection.


Photos: Courtesy of Sonia Rykiel (Acquired

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