Resort 2012: Alexander Wang Is Even Bigger and Badder

How can I begin to explain the wonders of Alexander Wang? Obviously, Wang has his own edge matched to no one else. Indeed, Wang’s garments — effortlessly chic attire can transcend any occasion and arena; however,‘s Nicole Phelps cleverly decided to say his ease lays elsewhere noting that, “…his ground zero, [is] the street.” That is, his garments have the ease, features, and cohesiveness of the city — easy to snap a chic outfit for the numerous high street style blogs out there.

For instance, his recently debuted resort collection was the epitome of high street fashion. Sleek jackets that Nicole Phelps calls, “…as slick as glass,” — swimsuits with cutouts suggesting more than just sexiness, and even a striking tan vest made to store, and look cool were pieces for all to look chic strutting past Central Park. Naturally, Wang infused a subtly based boyishness within the sex — evening out any flares of tasteless raciness. Boyishness — found within the assortment of baggy cargo pants, the few blazers, and bulky vests he was so poised to put into the collection. Certainly a smart way to tone down the sex, and fill up on Wang’s favorite style — street style.


Photos: Courtesy of Alexander Wang (Acquired



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