Resort 2012: Marc Jacobs Creates Collection Sophisticated and Sweet

It’s been expressed before and — honestly, to some it’s the most unpopular opinion ever expressed publicly. Yes, I find Marc Jacobs to be a bit annoying — not that he doesn’t carry any envy-worthy talent. However, his talent is — I believe unmatched to the perpetual praise that he recieves. Instead, the high praises always seem to overrate his work considerably. No, I wish not to steal away all that he is — the great Marc Jacobs, but could there be any sense of reality? Could I break from opinion that we are all raised and told to believe?

Nevertheless, this Resort 2012 season, Jacobs truly entranced me with his recent collection. In any case, the whimsical, fairy-like dresses intrigued me greatly. (I especially adored the sea foam-blue dress!) The garments of the lavish-like print he used in a repetitious manner, struck a quirky-cool statement. In fact, the silhouettes could be considered quite relaxed up against the print, creating a shocking contrast. Converse to my usual negative tosses at Marc Jacobs, I could not deny him his right of praise, because I very much liked this collection.

Photo: Thomas Kletecka / CollectiveEdit / GoRunway
2 Responses to “Resort 2012: Marc Jacobs Creates Collection Sophisticated and Sweet”
  1. I don’t know all the Marc Jacobs creations, but I admit those clothes are so adorable! The dresses, yes, are breathtaking!!! I would love to wear one!


  2. Marc Jacobs work is breathtaking as always. Fashion which makes a statement yet is wearable, very hard to do, yet something he has achieved with ease. love it!

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