The Beauty Dilemma: Shatter Paint, Tacky or Cool?

I find shatter paint to be very controversial — at least on my behalf. In fact, I haven’t bought my first bottle of Opi’s shatter nail polish, because I’ve felt many convictions concerning it. Indeed, I do have a positive argument, but what is the effort in trying on a look when you are not confident in wearing it?

My Positive Argument: What is not to admire about Opi’s shatter nail polish? When in use, you can gain a nail look that’s edgy and unique. Plus — to get the look, you apply the polish, and it should crack right off. It’s an easy solution, because — honestly, I have no talent in nail art pens and glitter.

My Negative Argument: Opi’s shatter nail polish is one of the most tacky nail ideas available. Indeed, in the advertisement the shatter polish looks incredible. A very edgy, new look is just on the verge of buying the polish. However, when the polish is seen on others, I cringe. When the very time comes for the shatter nail polish to crackle, it comes off looking like tacky chipped nail polish. No way I’m wearing nail polish that makes me not look sophisticated!

What do you think? Should I buy the shatter nail polish, and get over my chipped-nail phobia or should I save my money and invest in something useful?

One Response to “The Beauty Dilemma: Shatter Paint, Tacky or Cool?”
  1. afroblush says:

    Nice post, saved it and been meaning to comment. I must say I find it tacky. I quite simple elegant things which are neat and say quality. Chipped nails do not scream quality lol but then again like you say maybe it is more edgy than I can willing to handle….I could just be old fashioned! lol

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