Celebs Fit For Marchesa’s Resort 2012

This resort 2012 season, the Marchesa duo — as always created a collection worthy for the red carpet. I’ve rounded up some of the world’s favorite celebrities matched to dresses personally screaming their names. How do you think I did?
Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa (Acquired Style.com);© George Pimentel/WireImage

Selena Gomez

I can definitely envision teen queen, Selena Gomez, in this dashing Marchesa number. First, for Gomez’s mature style — despite her young age — I can only see her all over this one in her fabulously curled hair, and donning herself with shoes to match. In fact, the dress is so young and fresh — and yet the intricate draping is all too Selena Gomez-y to even think of anyone else in this frock.

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa; © Jon Furniss/WireImage

Emma Watson

Indeed, I do believe the world’s beloved Emma Watson would feel right at home with this lavishly embellished Marchesa dress. As sophisticated as Watson is, there is no reasoning for a refusal of such a dress.

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa (Acquired Style.com); EBashy.com

Helen Mirren

Naturally, I thought of someone a bit older to fulfill the ultimate purpose designed for this specific gown. In any case, Helen Mirren is one designed to wear a gown so sophisticated — excluding my beloved Meryl Streep.

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa (Acquired Style.com); Lester Cohen/WireImage

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, client to the ultimate stylist, Rachel Zoe, has been making very darling red carpet choices lately. I definitely think that Hathaway could definitely pull off a gorgeous gown such as this one.

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa (Acquired Style.com); AlexaChungWorld

Alexa Chung

Who else than today’s it-Brit, Alexa Chung, porter such a relaxed frock. Indeed, it’s as laid-back as she is — and yet it evenly matches to Chung’s chic as well.

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa (Acquired Style.com); Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Hailee Steinfeld

First, I personally want to thank the parents of Hailee Steinfeld for gracing us the opportunity to see a 14-year-old look her age. Yes! The world gets a chance to see a teenager refusing to become over-sexed! Second, I must also congratulate Hailee Steinfeld on becoming Miuccia Prada’s muse for the brand Miu Miu. Steinfeld couldn’t be more of a perfect girl for the opportunity! In fact, Hailee Steinfeld couldn’t be more perfect for this daring Marchesa dress. It fits her bubbly personality — and yet her style, a bit more high fashion than the rest, shines through.


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