What is Affordability These Days? An Inside Look at Victoria Beckham’s New ‘Affordable’ Line

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl turned designer, has made quite a name for herself. In fact, ranked among many other celebrity designers Beckham and her secret design team create garments worth buying — not unless you can afford purchasing a dress worth $1,500 on a mindless whim. Indeed, Beckham’s garments are a bit steep on one’s pocketbook. However, the clothing is tasteful, and very much wanted.

Consequently, Victoria Beckham thought it fit to release a secondary clothing collection — Victoria by Victoria Beckham.The line will consist of clothing of what The Cut calls, “[…]her girliest to date”. However, the punch line to this news lies within an adjective in which Beckham’s new clothing line does not in any shape or form takes the characteristics. Yes, Victoria by Victoria Beckham is said to be affordable — and yet the garments are strangely priced from $550 to $900.

It just comes to show the audacity of some designers to insult consumers’ intelligence. Do they think that we are easily fooled? Yes, some of us are; I’ll admit that. However, part of the consumer group is hard to influence. Sometimes, I’ll admit a name is worthy of my earned $1,000.

Sorry Victoria, your name didn’t make the cut.

Photo: Whittle/Splash News
One Response to “What is Affordability These Days? An Inside Look at Victoria Beckham’s New ‘Affordable’ Line”
  1. Jill Pineda says:

    I know it’s crazy how some designers charge so much $$$$ for their stuff. Like they’re made of gold??!? Thanks for the comments and for following! Appreciate the love! Keep in touch


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