Antoinette Masquerade Balls, Promiscuity, and Deception Captured in One Chanel Decorated Face

Our couture season of autumn 2011 has begun — and who else should we expect to effectively kick-start the seasonal debut with positive reviews than the all-amazing house of Chanel. Yes, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld has seemingly created a success of Chanel since the house’s pinnacle had fallen years prior. Now, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has proved to send the brand to a younger audience. This time, Lagerfeld continued to appeal to younger audiences while keeping Chanel’s famed conserving grandeur; however, the twist involves the sudden murky — and yet seductive tone perusing the collection.’s Tim Blanks noted, “[…]the somber luxury of the wardrobe Karl Lagerfeld is proposing for dark times is immensely seductive.”

In fact, the dark theme very much — and bluntly — translated through the beauty in Chanel’s couture presentation. The eerie, black charcoal eyelids with the slightest bit of shimmer, or the masks of mesh seemingly had no relation to Chanel’s past presented cruise collection.

In any case, many would have found the masks of mesh to be a spell-binding, unique idea perfectly packaged in  panache. A life of Antoinette masquerade balls, promiscuity, and deception were contained in Chanel’s one strip of mesh — captured in one Chanel decorated face.


Photos: Luca Cannonieri /

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