Galliano for Topshop According to Vogue UK — the Chances of That Happening is Zero According to Elle UK

Recently, the recent rumors and speculations have in some shape or form some connection with John Galliano’s controversial anti-Semitic remarks that ultimately led to his let-go from his position as head designer at Dior. Evidently, recent rumor tells that Galliano could be creating a collection for Topshop — high street brand based in the UK. Vogue UK reports online that, “[…]the designer [will] return to fashion with a collection to follow his friend Kate Moss’ collaboration with the high street store.”

Unfortunately, the rumor should not gain any excitement, but only false hopes. Only five approximate minutes after Vogue UK tweeted the news — along with a link to their article, Elle UK tweets, “Straight from the @Topshop press office: they are NOT doing a collab with John Galliano, regardless of what you may have read…”

Indeed, the joke — and drama — seems to be on Vogue UK this time. Even though the article was nothing but rumor, it’s pretty grieving how five minutes completely reduces your article from the buzz to quickly written scraps meant to interest.

All I could do was shake my head for Galliano and for Vogue UK — and yet giggle at the same time.

Just published at 7:39 EST: Topshop tweets, “It’s incredible how rumors get started!”
Photo Sources:;; Topshop


2 Responses to “Galliano for Topshop According to Vogue UK — the Chances of That Happening is Zero According to Elle UK”
  1. krasota says:

    Not looking at the political views it remains the excellent designer of clothes.

  2. Hi there! Just discovered your blog thanks to the IfB community. Nice work on investigation.. really interesting posts. A kiss form Milan.

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