Feather Hair Adornments on Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture Runway

Indeed, a Jean Paul Gaultier runway production might not exhibit some of the most awe-striking garments; however, a Gaultier production will most likely contribute some of the best beauty looks to the fashion community. For instance, Gaultier’s past fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection was the epitome of striking beauty — the humorous wigs and sophisticated complexions. In spite of the fact that a runway showing’s purpose is to sell the clothing, it seemingly becomes not apparent in a Gaultier production — when the beauty has more spark than the garments meant to sell.

On this specific occasion, Jean Paul Gaultier did live up to his calling for his fall 2011 couture collection. In fact, the clothing stole more attention than the front row guests — and maybe, because I’m feeling exceptionally generous today, the beauty.

Nevertheless, Gaultier beauty for this recent couture season would be one of the most remembered — especially when relating to hair. In any case, the artfully placed feather hair adornments were the exciting prop that graciously infused life into the almost lifeless collection. Plus, granting a theme of Black Swan, psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman, in which Style.com notes that Portman and actor Vincent Cassel’s voices lined the runway soundtrack.

In the end, the feathers only add more fuel to an ever-trending feather-in-hair decor usually sported by our celebrities — and followers alike. The question follows: is this a good or bad occurrence?

Photos:Luca Cannonieri / GoRunway.com

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