Berlin is a City to Watch?

While Berlin, Germany is not an absolute force to reckon with when it pertains to fashion, the city has recently been stealing international attention. In fact, Berlin Fashion Week is regarded as, “[…]the city swiftly making a name for itself as a home for hipsters, prêt-à-porter boutique collections and fresh designers from Germany and Eastern Europe,” by the Wall Street Journal. In addition to its flocking of different styles, Berlin is leading the world into a fashionable, eco-friendly extravaganza. Kati Drescher, head of her own eco-friendly fashion showroom, tells Reuters, “Berlin is currently the most important location for green fashion.”

What is the reasoning for such a quick boom of success? Anja Gockel, German-based designer, tells CBS News, “In comparison to other fashion weeks, Berlin is cool, new, edgy and trendy. Milan, Paris, London and New York are well-established fashion events. Established means no big surprises, and no big surprises means boredom.” Many seem to agree with Gockel. In fact, some may find that the domination of the famed four international fashion capitals only call for repetition and lack of originality. Berlin might be the city that brings originality back to a diverse tune.

After all, even as Berlin grows in its fashionable ambitions, the ambitions are also reflecting on the street. In any case, more and more style bloggers are looking to Berlin for fresh new street style. German actress, Alexandra Neldel, told CBS News, “You notice this when you’re on the streets, how everyone dresses, that they’re becoming more fashion-conscious.”

It only makes you ask: will Berlin become our newest fashion capital?


One Response to “Berlin is a City to Watch?”
  1. stylenotions says:

    Love it! Berlin Fashion week. Can’t wait to see the reviews.

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