Fashionista Tells of the Comeback of the Backpack

In an article on Fashionista titled ‘Barneys’ Amanda Brooks and Simon Doonan On The Row’s New $39,000 Bag and the Return of the Backpack’, the blogger delves into the comeback of the backpack — as well as the atrocities of a handbag worth $39,000. Among all the elements presented in the article, I found the brief analysis referring towards the backpack’s return stuck. In fact, Fashionista notes that, “Lady Gaga recently rocked a leather mini-backpack a la Clueless. And Simon Doonon, who noted that Prada was selling their classic nylon ones again, thinks the backpack is the perfect bag for today’s modern woman.”

Indeed, “today’s modern woman” needs the backpack. With the increasing increments of technology it becomes necessary to have the capability to carry your tablet, phone, and maybe even your net-book or laptop. Along with her technological necessities, “today’s modern woman” bears the basic uses of minimal makeup, personal cleansing products, keys, and a lot more. (Think of all the items you keep in your handbag — a lot!) The backpack is completely functional!

The challenge of the backpack lies within the style. Evidently, the first thought of the word — backpack brings images of little third graders boarding the school bus for their first day. However, thanks to creative minds we get an updated version of the bag. Leather, sophisticated embellishments, and adult-like uses of hardware takes the typical Jansport backpack to polished heights.

And to Fashionista‘s question: “But if folks are willing to shell out $39K for a backpack, does this herald it’s return?” No, the fact someone’s stupidity allows them willing to pay $39,000 for a handbag, has little to do with that — don’t you think?


Handbags in order from top left: Fossil $188; £132; 
Asos $60; Lodis $258; Urban Outfitters $68; $58

2 Responses to “Fashionista Tells of the Comeback of the Backpack”
  1. LOL. I used to have a black-patent leather purse backpack. It was Nine West. I got it during the Clueless era, which is what inspired me to acquire it. Dang, I wish I still had it!

  2. I am sooooo ready to pull my Coach one out again!!!!!!! Great post and thanks for sharing!

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