Say Goodbye to Forever 21 Thanks to New Piracy Bill

On Friday, July 15, 2011, Congress attended a hearing regarding a bill relating to one of the longest wars fought against fashion designers and acts of piracy. The bill, “Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act”, plans to copyright fashion designs on a stricter level. In fact, the bill states — according to — that it “would protect ‘unique and original’ designs for a period of three years, and deliberate copies of these designs would be rendered illegal.”
While the executive director of Council of Fashion Designers of America, Steven Kolb, admits there will “be a very limited number of items that are going to be protected” to the NYTimes, that statement doesn’t include the impact of the average consumer. proposes that, “If the bill passes[..]Forever 21 and other fast-fashion retailers would not legally be able to mimic designs from higher-priced lines.” In any case, along with Forever 21, affordable, fashionable wear will be non-existent. (Imagine H&M and others gone!) The average consumer — one not flowing with heaps of money — will be officially barred from fashion; excluding celebrites and the rich, no one will get a taste of our designing elite. Believe it or not, our world’s fashion sense will crumble even more than our current dysfunctional state.
Nevertheless, fashion designers will reap the security they’ve always wanted; they will continue to sell their goods for high prices and they will gain the satisfaction that no one will be wearing their idea unless they buy their absurdly priced garment. The bill only does good for them.
Then again, if this bill does pass, it will start the revolutionary change of fashion forever. Trends will almost be non-existent due to the fact that designers will be producing original designs, and because they wish not to face penalties, originality and fashion’s spark will be restored.
What do you think? Will the fashion industry benefit or lose greatly if this bill passes?

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

One Response to “Say Goodbye to Forever 21 Thanks to New Piracy Bill”
  1. If it does pass, it may encourage more individuals to create original designs. Wouldn’t that be a designers ideal philosophy? Also, I see it opening doors to people who may not normally have the opportunity to break into the designing world because of the usual politics/hierarchy you hear about in this realm. I am excited to see what department stores and others (like F21) will do in response. They will definitely have to up the fashion ante, where they will need to stay in a decent price range, yet maintain styles that will fashionable and in vogue. However, if it does not work out that way, consumers and affordable stores will definitely suffer:(

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