Alexa Chung Tweets “Ummmm can somebody make a silver dress for me please?”


In the approximate past hour that has passed, Alexa Chung managed to piss me off — or  just annoy me beyond measure.No, the acts of annoyance has no relation to her successes with Mulberry, or anything deriving of that nature. However my feelings stem from a long-lasting battle with her acceptance as a style icon; to me, Chung in no shape or form is a style icon — despite her little ties to Chanel. So, accompanying the unwelcoming spirits I have for her, she tweets a silly, arrogant statement. Via Blackberry for Twitter, she asks, “Ummmm can somebody make me a silver dress please? Very short, long sleeves.. K thanks, bye.”
Nonetheless, Alexa Chung inspired me to evaluate her quirky,Brit-influenced style and pick the most accurate dresses loosely following the lines of her demands. Meaning that silver was translated into the broad category of metallics, along with other modifications. At the end of my short-breathed search (Who wants to think of Alexa Chung for an hour straight?) I decided to choose two Marchesa dresses from the duo’s Resort 2012 collection, and a flashy Lanvin dress — which would probably be tossed considering her style.
What do you think? Did I earn any praise considering my choices for Miss Chung? 

Featured Image: Lucas Cannonieri/ ; Getty Images

Photos: Courtesy of Marchesa and Lanvin

2 Responses to “Alexa Chung Tweets “Ummmm can somebody make a silver dress for me please?””
  1. Oh I understand your sentiment! Her status is not quite earned…

  2. Good choices – I think Alexa would probably go for the one on the far left although I much prefer the one on the far right – nice and metallic!

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