Christian Louboutin Desperate to Keep Red Soles to Himself

On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, Christian Louboutin filed papers accusing Christian Dior that the brand was planning to release a red-soled shoe line. In fact, The Cut reports that Louboutin hired a private investigator to dig up evidence supporting his claim. The private investigator — Fashion Etc. identifies as Roman Khaykin of InfoTactic Group — was said to be “dig[ging] up dirt relating to the YSL case, but the investigator obtained information from a salesperson that caused him to suspect Dior as well,” The Cut tells.
Evidently, Christian Louboutin is also pursuing Yves Saint Laurent for their red, red-soled shoes also. In fact, Louboutin sued YSL alleging trademark infringement against Louboutins signature red soles. YSL then counter-sued — contending with the footwear designer. YSL’s lawyer, David Bernstein, told WWD “Louboutin’s trademark should have never been granted[…]We just don’t think that any fashion designer should be able to monopolize any color.”
What do you think? Do you think Christian Louboutin has too much time on his hands to worry about others copying his red-soled trademark? Or conversely do  you agree with Yves Saint Laurent — “Louboutin’s trademark should have never been granted”.

3 Responses to “Christian Louboutin Desperate to Keep Red Soles to Himself”
  1. I see it both ways. However, anytime you see a red-bottom shoe, you automatically assume it’s CL. With that said, why would anyone want to copy that? People need to be a little more original. Now, a completely red shoe, that’s a difference circumstance. The object of that would be to have a total red-out effect on the shoe, not to establish a red-bottom shoe.

  2. He will have to sue a lot of ppl…. 😦 I have couple of pairs with the red sole on the bottom and yes i do say the are CL when ppl ask me…hehehehehehehehehehe!

  3. Ambyr says:

    I doubt that Christian Louboutin is personally suing everyone, but that’s what he has a good legal team for. A trademark is a trademark, you can’t steal or use it. With that said, it’s a little crazy to “monopolize any color”! Great way to word that. I get the arguement from both sides, soooo maybe change the color of the soles to hot pink, orange, yellow, blue, etc, instead of being in a legal fight on someone’s trademark.
    I work for a corporate office and we have over 600 patents/trademarks and they get copied all the time and sued. What a mess. haha


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