A Dark, Twisted, and Promiscuous Identity to Embrace This Fall

While cooler weather is approaching seemingly slower with each wailing contempt expressed against our recent deadly heat waves, Fashion lacks patience. Indeed, Fashion will move at its own swift pace refusing to synchronize with Mother Nature and us beings who abide by her. Fashion will set the trend for autumn in the dawning days of spring, push forth with our Resort days in the summer, and grant us with summer’s clothing in the start of fall. Even as we complain against her quick-paced movement and striking hostility, it only attracts us to her alluring ways — and, yes, only few dare to part from Fashion’s cycle. She has a cult-like attraction — and yet as people adore her, they begin to become aware of her harsh wrath easily mistakened for an accepting point of glamor.
I have found that Fashion has become more vulnerable and even a bit crippled. In any case, she starts to rely on collecting heaps of ideas she’s conceived over the years where variations of the same ideas are found in one pile. In some cases, these ideas collect rather quickly and disappear quickly into this vast, shunned vortex. Those ideas are usually known as fads. However, some of Fashion’s piles grow and stick around for a substantial amount of time — a trend. Then in rare instances, some piles are formed into structured shapes; whilst a style is born!
One could observe that Fashion has found recent comfort in a dark, twisted, and maybe even more promiscuous state of mind. She finds delight in murky, watery grays and black. Without a harboring doubt, her grunge days are casting a relevant shadow. Some of the most creative ideas she keeps belongs to Erdem. In fact, his tweed deconstruction for fall 2011 appeases her lost creative edge. With this, along with Fashion’s strongest sexual drive she’s had in years, a coveted, chic-based raunchiness is created.
Yes, Fashion is a bit more focused on her darker, promiscuous side. However, as we follow her every move, we come to realize its another one of her silly, seasonal phases. It’s your choice to choose to embrace the trend now. Will you embrace your inner dark, twisted, and promiscuous identity this fall season — or will you keep it closeted?
Photo courtesy of Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com and Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com


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