One Word, Forever 21 — Stop!

Despite your undoubtedly known success, consumers are becoming more taken aback by your notorious,copyright infringing ways — and it might just lead to that one failure that will send Forever 21 into the ground. Yes, only one failure is needed in court to harness an uprising against the intentional copies being produced and sold from your company. Why? Forever 21 has a history full of numerous accounts of producing and selling copied garments; people are becoming determined, fustrated, and some might be enraged by acts you have chosen to make profit. One day when that one failure occurs, the masses will not be forgiving — but instead will strengthen and organize against you.
In fact, I’m not sure on where I stand in this feud against retailers similar to you or fashion designers. I must stand alone, and not take any sides. That is, I feel betrayed by the industry I want to become — one I lust after. On one end, retailers kill the spark of the industry releasing look-alikes — and yet thrive, because they offer trends on a miniscule budget. Fashion labels pain as well; while creating a luxury-based brand founded on limited exclusivity, it only makes the fashion industry a smaller circle — maybe an attribute designers desire anyway.
In all honesty, I do not want to compromise my livelihood for a beautiful garment, and that is why I need you, Forever 21, and retailers like you to remain successful. Stop copying garments, but instead interpret the trend or idea in a different, original manner. In addition, a lovely stripping of John 3:16 from all shopping bags and tags should suffice too. It is very insulting when one who steals uses something opposite of what you, Forever 21, conveys. Until the time comes when you don’t rely on stealing designs from others, that’s the day when you return the reference to the Bible in-store.
Yes, I’ll admit, Forever 21 you are morally corrupt. Nonetheless, it’s a shame that a consumer should suffer for it. I choose not to sign a petition such as this one, because I believe in you. In any case, if you fail, the industry will mark its day in failing to accomodate the average consumer. Let’s hope that day never occurs.
The image above is courtesy of Feral Childe. Left,shows Feral Childe’s print, and to the right is Forever 21’s print.

4 Responses to “One Word, Forever 21 — Stop!”
  1. so true! how are they not getting in trouble for this?

  2. compelling article, happy you brought this to light. this has been happening forever, forever 21 just happen to be in the crossfire and they want to make an example of them. From H&M to Topshop they all copy the catwalk. I understand why they do it, they are fullfilling demand for those on a shoestring budget. on the flipside it is detrimental to the designers who have spent months and even years creating a print or design to showcase their work. it is a difficult one to pick sides and I can definately put my hand up and say I have purchased lookalikes from the high street and we know we all have. let them deuce it out and find a way to make everyone happy.

  3. I am glad you brought this issue to light. Retailers need to start their own trends! They should be inspired by this recession–we consumers need to save, and we are looking at lower-end lines to help us stay fashionable, yet fiscally responsible. Love this post!

  4. Ambyr says:

    Very well written! Hmm, it’s crazy HOW similarly they copy things. It’s not like they were “inspired” by a print and made a similar look, nope, they’re basically carbon copying it. Amazing. This is horrible. And good call out on the verse, how does their conscious not eat them up.


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