Ladies and Gentleman, I’m Back!

My readers, I am sure you are aware that I have yet to write to you since the latter part of  the previous year. I consciously entered myself into a painful process — to deprive myself from blogging due to my busy, crazily built schedule. Nevertheless, the more time that passed by without a single word or picture posted on the site, the less and less substantial fashion had become. It greatly affected me. At one point I was aware of every minute of the industry’s every move. Then another moment I was totally disconnected, aware that Fashion Month was on the prowl but disconnected from what was actually occurring. In fact, fashion had turned into another phase, a petty, meaningless obsession. Consequently, blogging about it would be completely irrelevant to me.

However, with more requests and concerns expressed by my readers — even my family, (My family could care very little about fashion which made the concern so plausible.) I decided to reevaluate my decision to completely excommunicate myself from fashion. With a lot of deliberation, I came to the conclusion to reconnect with fashion and reinstate my blogging relationship with my faithful readers.

With this, I am announcing my rededication to fashion. I will continue on my blogging journey with you, my readers. In addition, I hope to continue putting to use my growing personal aesthetic while further developing my blogging skills.

I love all my readers who have reached out and supported me throughout the life of Mademoiselle Très Belle, and I am proud to say that I’m back!


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