The Insecurity


Words cannot really describe the feeling of returning to blogging again. It is like finding joy in a toy you lost interest in or reuniting with Cyndi Lauper with just a tap on an iPod. In fact, the act of reinstating blogging back into my life contains a lot of bitter sweet feelings. First, it gives me an opportunity to publish my ideas on a global platform with little overhead at all, my conscience, and I admit I am more aware of the international happenings around me. Nevertheless, the act brings on a responsibility not understood unless one integrates blogging within one’s own life. The experience is a little less than raising a child. In other words, one watches one’s creation evolve and grow. Instead, the only difference is the lack of moral obligation to abandon your creation. Trust me, explaining the sensation doesn’t resonate as well as joining the blogosphere.

However, a sensation entirely different from blogging is the distinct itch of eczema. In fact, it is like having twenty mosquito bites concentrated in one location — absolutely horrendous! Plus, if one decides to indulge in scratching at the affected area, it only proves to be minor gratification for the itch
comes back stronger and spreads. In addition, if one scratches just enough one will find bruise-like patches on the skin.

Personally, I have come to recently struggle with this skin disease. I first had the condition from birth until age four until the itch snuck up on me just about a year ago. Covering up in extremely hot weather (I hail from St. Louis.), feeling insecure about my skin eighty percent of my time, and wishing my old, healthy skin returned to me was a regular routine for me.

However, much thanks to Neosporin’s new line of products for eczema victims, like me, they haven’t completely destroyed the symptoms but minimized them to something I can manage. For me, smooth, healthy skin is just around the corner.

Hey, readers, what is something related to your body that you are especially insecure about? What do you do to minimize the insecurity?


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