Let’s all embrace what we’re born with…

Initially, I would be uncomfortable angrily ranting about popular hair practices in action as I tap away on my phone’s WordPress application. In fact, it is because I might be guilty of a few.

Nevertheless, being African-American and being bombarded constantly with other African-Americans who choose to chemically relax their natural curls (my hair has never been chemically relaxed), I guess I do have the right to comment on just a few practices. 😉 For example, chemically relaxing the hair is just an action I wish I heard less people take part in. And I have no intention to be diplomatic because observing others at a salon makes me want to ask maybe the most obvious questions: Why does one put themselves through that misery for hair? Have you ever seen Chris Rock’s film Good Hair?

However, I do understand why one might even consider burning their scalp for pin straight, lifeless locks. The desire for the look is one of the many effects of the slave trade’s occurrence more than 200 years past. Many people of African descent have downgraded themselves into worthless livestock just as they were brainwashed to do hundreds of years past. However, the same mass of people have forgotten how many years that have progressed since then. That particular group within the black community still behave under a delusion that their uniqueness to popular Western culture is a curse. Whereas, in reality, it should be embraced.

Now, it is a fact that this portion of the African-American community is becoming few as time continues to elapse. In fact, more people who identify themselves as African-American have chosen to be a bit more progressive than maybe even their parents. Many have found the decision to sport and embrace one’s own natural hair texture as a noble and liberating decision. Yes, it is only hair but one head at a time someone is making the decision to move past ancestral wounds. And that, my friends, is what really matters.

Photo credits filed under “Bold Lips for Fall”

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