Lady Gaga To Create A Perfume That Smells of ‘blood and semen’


WWD reports that Lady Gaga will launch a line of fragrances. Hey, but Gaga wouldn’t produce not just any fragrance! Fashionista reports that Lady Gaga wants her scent to smell like “blood and semen”.
Along with her meat dress stunt, risque crafted image, and over-the-top gimmick, is this just a way to retain attention? I once commended her on her extraordinary sense of style. However, this has extremely jutted right past extraordinary. This is an eccentric, over-sexed way to gain public stamina!
My question is: who would want to smell like that? The question will be answered in 2012, when the fragrance is said to be released. Let’s hope it won’t be too popular!

Photo Courtesy of Style Section LA

3 Responses to “Lady Gaga To Create A Perfume That Smells of ‘blood and semen’”
  1. Jessica says:

    Although i do have to complement her bow. Now that I would TOTES wear!

  2. miss.sedley says:

    oh DEAR…. to think I still wear Chanel No. 5! I clearly need to modernise!
    Is it completely terrible that I saw her meat dress and wanted to rip a piece off for my dinner? That was prime sirloin!
    Great post!
    Bisous x x x

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